Redhill Garden Community

What will this mean for me?


I run a local business

Located in the centre of the Gatwick Diamond Economic Area and Coast2Capital LEP, Redhill New Garden Community is ideally suited for local employers.  Regarded as one of the South East’s strongest economies, The Gatwick Economic Diamond provides a key link to London in under 30 minutes, and home to an estimated 45,000 businesses.

Our development can deliver a new business park served by the new M23 junction, with access to major transport corridors. This will provide for a range of employment opportunities in modern business accommodation.

Additionally, the new District Centre will house new shops, offices and GP hub, offering new business space, at the heart of the community.


I'm looking to buy or rent

Redhill Garden Community will include five distinct districts, each with new and extended footpaths and cycleways so that children in the community will be able to safely and sustainably travel to their new school. The central transport hub will provide access to the regular bus services and enhanced transport fast links to existing local services. A host of activities to share and enjoy will take place in the new community centre, and the new district centre will house the new GP hub, providing the community with a first port of call for their health care needs.

To help young families and first time buyers get a foot onto the property ladder, the new community will deliver approximately 2,000 affordable homes, discounted market homes, homes to buy and rental properties.


Key workers

We understand that alongside the privilege of housing the East Surrey Hospital, we also have a responsibility to its 90,000 yearly visitors and staff. Therefore, as well as expanding hospital facilities, we propose to include new homes specifically tailored to key workers, such as hospital staff and employees at the new on-site GP surgery and primary health centre located in the new District Centre.

This will ensure that the East Surrey Hospital will be able to continue to house its staff nearby, helping them to continue to deliver care to the local community, and will also help new staff for the new GP hub.

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