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Redhill Aerodrome


The Future of Redhill

Redhill Aerodrome is located south east of Redhill, south of South Nutfield and to the west of the M23. The aerodrome is currently in use, and some businesses are also located on the site. The site is approximately 228 hectares in size.

Directors of Redhill Aerodrome have undertaken a thorough review of the aerodrome and its future prospects as a commercial enterprise. Without a hard runway, the range of aircraft that can land on the grass runways is becoming increasingly limited. Modern aeroplanes are not designed for grass airstrips. Furthermore, the grass runways are closed to all air traffic for as much as three months each year during periods of heavy rainfall. Many of the buildings require investment to modernise them and bring them up to 21st century standards. This investment is difficult to justify without a long term aviation based business plan. The Board has, with regret, come to the conclusion that the Aerodrome is most unlikely to be viable in the long term.

Therefore, it was decided that alternative uses should be considered for the whole site. Informal soundings were taken locally and an assessment was made of how the aerodrome site might be able to match the wider community’s urgent need for new housing, together with the essential infrastructure including schools and some commercial activity. It became clear that Redhill Aerodrome could provide the answers to many local development problems and ensure that other green belt land in the area could be preserved.

The Directors agreed to proceed cautiously and reviewed a number of potential housebuilders. Thakeham were selected because of their track record in creating high quality new homes in new communities combined with their thoughtful and empathetic approach to the projects they have undertaken.