Redhill Garden Community

Redhill Aerodrome


The landscape proposals will protect the identity and character of existing communities by creating enhanced and extended landscape areas around them. Our plans would significantly improve the quality of green open space on the site, including accessible natural green space, parks, sport pitches and playgrounds.

Key elements of the design will include:

  • Retention and buffering of local nature sites and existing woodland habitats;
  • Creation of green corridors that connect existing woodland, stream corridors, and hedgerows to create a strong landscape and ecology framework;
  • Provision of extensive areas of accessible green space attractive for recreation to new and existing residents alike;
  • Integration of Sustainable Urban Drainage systems within landscaping proposals to improve drainage and manage storm water;
  • Long-term management of existing protected and proposed new habitats through the implementation of a Landscape and Ecology Management Plan.
  • Long-term stewardship of the green spaces in the hands of the community.

Some areas of the site are currently at a higher risk of flooding. Much of this is due to a culvert built to take Redhill Brook underneath the aerodrome runways. At time of prolonged heavy rain, this culvert does not have capacity to deal with the brook’s flow, causing shallow flooding.

We would restore the open watercourse, and enhance storm water storage areas to manage heavy water flows and reduce the areas prone to flooding within and outside the site.

Indicative examples