Redhill Garden Community




We are promoting proposals for the redevelopment
of Redhill Aerodrome as a new garden community.

Redhill Aerodrome Garden Community will be a new self-sufficient community, with new transport links, schools, health, community and
business facilities, designed to meet local needs and support the around 8,000 new homes the new development will provide. 

This redevelopment will deliver much-needed homes, including over 2,000 affordable homes, discounted market homes, homes to buy and rental properties, to help young families and first time buyers get on the housing ladder. A portion of the new homes will also be specifically designed for the needs of local key workers, such as staff at the East Surrey Hospital, and at the new GP surgery and primary health centre, to be located in the new District Centre.

The proposals also include features to boost local businesses. Located within the Gatwick Economic Area, and Coast2Capital LEP, our site will provide new business accommodation in one of the South East’s strongest economies, alongside strong links to the major transport corridors, served by the new M23 junction and business park.

These proposals are currently at an early stage. Information has been submitted to both Tandridge District and Reigate and Banstead Borough Councils asking them to consider including this site in their respective local policies. Any formal proposals prepared will be subject to full public consultation.

This website will be updated with more information and details of events as the plans progress.


The site in context

The site for the Redhill Aerodrome Garden Community straddles the boundary between Reigate and Banstead Borough and Tandridge District,
and is in the heart of the coast-to-capital corridor so it can significantly help the housing needs of both Councils in a sustainable location on a single site. 


Redhill Aerodrome

Redhill Aerodrome is located south east of Redhill and to the west of the M23. The aerodrome is currently in use, and some businesses are also located on the site. Directors of Redhill Aerodrome have undertaken a thorough review of the aerodrome and its future prospects...

About Thakeham

Thakeham is a locally-based, high quality housebuilder operating throughout Surrey, Sussex and Hampshire. We have extensive experience of creating well designed new communities, and promoting strategic developments in the local area...

Our Vision

As the site lies close to the M23, the new community would include a new east-west link road between the M23 and A23. This would provide easy access to the new homes, and provide a more direct route from Gatwick Airport to East Surrey Hospital...